Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Network


The network will ensure all pupils can access and take part in education with their peers. All pupils should be able to learn, have fun and feel part of their local community.

Through this network all pupils will achieve the things they want to do, make progress from their individual starting points and take part in activities outside of school. Pupils should feel prepared for adulthood, by having full lives with choices about their future, as much independence as possible, while having the opportunity to contribute to decision making about their support.

All pupils with special educational needs and disabilities will have goals and be able to work towards reaching them. Through the network, the whole community will help pupils with SEND to achieve their goals. The network will focus on making sure that those pupils with SEND have a good education and will achieve at least as well as other children nationally. The network will support all children to make their views known to adults so that they can influence the care and support they receive, and ensure it meets their needs. The network will work collaboratively with partners to ensure all children and young people are as healthy as they can be.

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