Newsletter One

September 3, 2021

Principal’s message
It is so good to have the children back! Staff have worked hard during the school holiday to prepare for their return, and it makes it all worthwhile when pupils greet us so politely and with a smile; are so smart and ready to work; and are excited about their new classrooms. Thank you for helping them get ready – it helps the term get off to a smooth start.
We are really pleased with our new Reception unit (where Froglets, Snakelets and Owlets all learn together), and Nest classroom. The children are loving exploring their new environments, using the special new equipment and resources, and working with their new friends. We will arrange times for reception parents to visit, in small groups, when children are off site. Please look out for your invite.

Our next big project is to improve the outdoor areas around EYFS and Nest; and remove the trim trail to make more play space.

Thank you for your messages of condolence for Harry’s family. We recognise that it is incredibly hard to talk to children about death. There are excellent resources on this website to support your discussions with your child about somebody special dying

Have a safe, enjoyable weekend.

Ms Bromley

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