Newsletter Six

March 11, 2022

Principal’s message
This was an exciting week for our 90 reception pupils, as they all visited Green’s Windmill in Sneinton. This was their first trip out of school, on a coach, and was a great success. Thank you to all those who helped out, and for you as families for preparing your children so well for this off site visit. Staff at the Windmill complimented the children on their excellent conduct, and the children had a super time – learning how wheat is ground into flour using the power of the wind; climbing the stairs to the top of the windmill, and enjoying the fabulous outdoor play area to develop their physical strength, balance and agility.
We are committed to outdoor, adventurous and off-site learning here at Ambleside Academy, and are glad to have been able to resume our programme of trips and visits this academic year. Please see the dates for upcoming events for your children.

Ms Bromley

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