Newsletter Five

January 14, 2022

Principal’s message
We are glad to be able to have our school fully open, despite the number of Covid cases which are currently affecting our community. My best wishes go out to all those families who are isolating, particularly where there are parents, carers and staff who are really poorly.
We will continue with routines which are helping us stay safe, and enabling us to have enough healthy staff to teach your children’s classes – even when we have colleagues who are absent. These routines include: extended pick-up and drop-off times to limit crowding on the playground, play zones for classes, and lunches eaten in classrooms. We continue with enhanced cleaning, and anti-viral fogging of rooms twice weekly as routine, as well as when there is a new case.

We will notify you via DoJo, if there is a new case in your child’s class, then only of any new case after that 10 day period.

After school clubs will focus on Intervention (you will be notified if your child should attend), and Outdoor Sports only, this half of term.

Ms Bromley

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